Short Ends strives only on personal Film Analysis where you feel genuine interest of a certain theme, and/or film.

Upcoming edition: July 2022

July 2022 theme: Food!

Collective Definition: Stay tuned!

How to Apply to be a guest contributor:

No previous writing experience is needed but a passion for writing personal film analysis is strongly encouraged.

Send an email to expressing your interest in writing for the upcoming edition. Provide your case study such as the name of your selected film, with the director’s name, the country of origin and the release year. Note that by film, we also mean television show, video game, or any other intermedial art form that relates to cinema.

You must also provide a pitch which describes the direction of your film in relation to our theme in three hundred words. You may introduce your thesis statement and the structure of your essay.

You may send any supporting documents such as a resume, however it is not mandatory.

Keep your eye out for any changes in the status of your submission. We will communicate with you through the email after your have submitted your application.

How to Apply to be an In-House Writer or Part of the Operations team:

If you are interested in becoming an in-house writer or part of the operations team, send an email to with your resume and cover letter.